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Micron and Lightbits Labs are working together to deliver scalable and efficient software-defined storage for your cloud native applications. Find out how Micron and Lightbits Labs provide more efficiency and more performance while lowering cost.


Micron and Lightbits Deliver Scalable Storage for Cloud-Native Applications

Near-local performance across a broad set of workloads

Quit locking NVMe performance and capacity into individual servers. All your applications – from hyper-converged infrastructure to business intelligence analytics to artificial intelligence – can benefit from near-local storage performance in a consolidated, shared storage solution.

Data protection from application to SSD

Your applications can take advantage of advanced data protection, such as Elastic RAID, and support for redundant network paths. Once data arrives at a storage node, Micron SSDs with NVMe take over providing data path protection between the server and the SSD ensuring that your data is safe from power loss during any write operation. The result – your data is safer from application to SSD, no matter the configuration.

Improved total cost of ownership

Reducing the cost of deployment and extending SSD endurance means lower cost of ownership. LightOS provides intelligent flash management designed to extend the life expectancy of your SSD investment. It also provides advanced data services such as compression, thin provisioning and space-efficient snapshots/clones. Start small and grow as your business demands at lower cost.

Optimized Scaling for Standard Ethernet Networks

LightOS software running on industry-standard x86 servers can be loaded with the latest Micron SSDs with NVMe and DRAM to create an optimized, high-performance data node.

Performance can be scaled using multiple data nodes connected to a standard TCP/IP-based Ethernet network to move data for almost any class of application workload.

The result is a consolidated, shared storage platform for your application data that provides near-local storage performance and scales to fit your capacity and performance needs.

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Common Use Cases

  • Public and Private Cloud Service Providers – Manage virtual machine images and datastores in bare-metal or application environments like OpenStack, with additional virtualization platform support coming soon. Easily replicate your virtual server images and assign them to virtual machines – with no cumbersome and time-consuming copying processes required.
  • Software Development Operations (DevOps) – Simply clone your database with LightOS and utilize the clone to apply the necessary changes. Then test and validate. Multi-terabyte databases can be cloned near instantaneously. Databases can be readily cloned for developers seeking a non-disruptive environment to apply, test and validate their changes with minimal storage capacity usage.
  • Container Applications – LightOS supports snapshots and clones for persistent volumes via container storage interface (CSI) plugin. If you’re using a Kubernetes environment with containers and persistent volumes, LightOS can provide all the snapshot/clone functionality – with seamless support for microservices – with near-local NVMe storage performance.

1“performance” refers to transactional, throughput, or latency metrics or a combination of any of these metrics. Results shown are for the configuration, workload, and variables noted. Changes in any of these may affect your results.

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