The vast majority of your data needs to be read quickly — not rewritten repeatedly. Embrace these read-centric needs and unlock the value of your data more efficiently and affordably with the industry’s first QLC SSDs, which are built on Micron’s leading QLC NAND flash technology.

Ideal Applications for QLC Enterprise SSDs

Give these applications a performance uplift that’s more cost-effective using high-capacity, lightning-quick QLC-based SSDs.

  • Real-Time Analytics and Big Data: Deliver value to Big Data applications like Hadoop Distributed File Systems.

  • Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems: Quickly mine massive data sets using faster, deeper queries for real-time business insights and decision-making.

  • Active Archives and Large Block Storage: Transform scale-out active archives into a strategic asset and deliver massive large-block data streams with ease.

  • Read-Intensive Artificial Intelligence: Get the speed AI algorithms depend on to quickly identify patterns in sprawling data sets.

  • Machine and Deep Learning: Crunch immense data sets in seconds versus minutes — because machines can only learn as fast as they can read and analyze data.

  • Content Delivery, Video on Demand, Media Streaming: Deliver more assets to more users more consistently with support for massive, parallel requests and streams.

  • NoSQL Databases: Breathe life into data-driven workloads like content classification and tagging as well as user profile acceleration.

  • User Authentication: Perform quick authentication with quick storage.


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