Diversity, Equality
& Inclusion

At Micron, our people are our most important resource and a critical driver of our competitive advantage. We believe our best innovation springs from our team members' diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. 我們對於創造一個多元共融的環境懷抱熱情,反映在我們所服務的在地社區以及客戶。



Our Diverse Team

Micron depends on our talented and inclusive
workforce in 18 different countries. We firmly
believe that a diverse workforce develops diverse
solutions that lead to more breakthroughs and
accelerate innovation.



Welcome to Micron’s second annual Diversity, Equality and Inclusion report. I am personally passionate about fostering greater diversity within our company, as is our board. Ideas are the foundation of our business, and the best ideas only emerge when you create an atmosphere where all voices can be heard. We aim to create an environment where every team member can fully contribute to the innovation that fuels our business success. This report is a measure of our progress in creating that culture.

I would like to share a few notable highlights from the past year:

  • In December 2018, Micron participated in the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion’s Day of Understanding alongside hundreds of other Fortune 500 companies. This led to eye-opening conversations about blind spots and unconscious bias. As a result, we have committed to educating all senior leaders on Inclusive Leadership by August 2020.
  • In January 2019, we were honored to be listed as one of Forbes Best Employers for Diversity. The anonymous survey asked 50,000+ participants to rank their organizations on fair and equal treatment of workers across age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation.
  • In July 2019, we welcomed Sharawn Connors, our first vice president of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Under Sharawn’s leadership, we are deepening our commitment to equality and leveraging the strengths of Micron’s global team. We are striving to ensure that all backgrounds and voices are fairly represented and that all team members have equal opportunity to grow and advance.

As a company and an industry, we know we still have a long way to go. I am proud of the progress we have made this year, however, and look forward to better leveraging the power of our team’s diverse perspectives. I believe Micron can lead our industry and prove how innovative an inclusive culture can be as we strive toward our vision to transform how the world uses information to enrich life.

Go Micron!


Sanjay Mehrotra

President & CEO


Sanjay Mehrotra

Sanjay Mehrotra | President and CEO

Sharawn Connors | VP, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Our Employee Resource Groups

Black Employee Network (BEN)

Micron's Black Employee Network was established to strengthen the relationships of Black employees amongst one another and the global Micron community.


Fostering a workplace where seen and unseen disabilities are embraced allowing our employees to thrive and succeed in a climate of acceptance and equality.

Micron Hispanic Professionals (MHP)

Micron Hispanic Professionals is dedicated to promoting leadership development and networking of Hispanic professionals at Micron.

Micron Pride+ Allies

Micron Pride+ Allies is a group where LGBTQ+ team members and their allies can thrive as their authentic selves in the workplace and the community.

Micron Women's Leadership Network (MWLN)

We aim to strengthen the leadership, engagement, and voices of women at Micron.

Micron Young Professionals (MYP)

MYP is dedicated to developing and retaining a talented up-and-coming workforce of professionals at Micron.

Tenured and Experienced @ Micron (TE@M)

TE@M is a collective representation of tenured and experienced team members at Micron.

Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG)

VERG establishes a community at Micron that supports active and former military personnel.

Go Micron

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Advisory Council

As a large global company, we must consistently engage with one another and seek diversity of thought. To guide our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, we have assembled a diverse team of leaders who represent many of Micron’s key business areas across the globe. This DEI Advisory Council ensures all team members voices are represented and amplified.

Brian Best

軟體工程師、資訊相關專業人員 | 美國

Rob Bunnell

DRAM Engineering Group | 美國
Radhika Chennakeshavula

Radhika Chennakeshavula

軟體工程師、資訊相關專業人員 | 印度

Teresa Kelley

Consumer Products Group | 美國
Karen Metz

Karen Metz

軟體工程師、資訊相關專業人員 | 美國

Utae Nakanishi

Human Resources | 美國

Hiroshi Nakayama

DRAM Engineering Group | 日本
Jessica Sherrid Nonvolatile Engineering Group Singapore

Jessica Sherrid

Nonvolatile Engineering Group | 新加坡

Cher Whee Sim

Human Resources | 新加坡

Akshay Singh

Technology Development Engineering Group | 台灣

Linda Somerville

Technology Development Engineering Group | 美國
Eric Toscan Sales United States

Eric Toscan

銷售支援 | 美國

Our Data

As we reflect on a year of positive changes, we set our sights even higher in the year ahead. Increased diversity at the top of the company reflects Micron’s commitment and is a step in the right direction. Women now account for 13.5% of senior leaders in the company, and we believe there is more opportunity to improve. The percentage of women in technical and engineering roles increased by 1% overall to reach 20.7%. In FY19 Micron made some progress toward increasing underrepresented races/ethnicities, yet there is more work to be done. For more details, plus data on LGBTQ+, U.S. Veterans and team members with disabilities, read the full report.

Diversity Snapshot


Women's Representation

Women's Representation 

Headcount by Region

Micron Headcount 

US Intersectionality

66.1% of US team members identify as white (10.8% white women, 55.3% white men). The remaining 33.9% of US team members are depicted in this graph.

US Intersectionality

Forbes Best Employers for Diversity Award

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